Monday, January 11, 2016

Objective C SharePoint User Profile Service

In my earlier posts we talked about authentication and fetching content from SharePoint using SOAP services. In this post let's look at fetching logged in user information from SharePoint as it is sometimes mandatory to display logged in user details like full name and email id etc.


Let's have a look at the SOAP service details of user profile service.


If we look at the above SOAP body, there are no place holders. You may wonder how this service returns logged in user's profile without passing any user credentials. We need to pass credentials along with this service based on the SharePoint authentication mode.




Hope you are clear about the user profile service.

Let's have a look at the above service response now.

The response is gives all the required information about the logged in user like shown below.

  • Full name
  • UserID
  • Email
  • IsSiteAdmin etc


Hope this post is useful. Fell free to comment in case of any queries.

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