Monday, January 11, 2016

Objective C SharePoint Service For Deleting An Item

So far In my earlier posts, We have seen authentication, content fetch, Create folder etc services for SharePoint using Objective C. Now let's looking at deleting items from our iOS app.

Here are the necessary SOAP service items to delete an item in the SharePoint.


This is the SOAP body message which is having 3 placeholders. Let's see what we need to pass in them.

  • List name :   The name of the list in which our item exists.
  • Change ID :   The change id of the item that we are going to delete.
  • File Path   :  The absolute path of the file item we are going to delete.




Just call this and have a look at the response to make sure your file has been deleted successfully. Your response may be varying based on your permissions.

If you have followed my earlier posts, this info is very much sufficient. 

So made it simple. Hope you have followed my earlier posts :)

Please not that this service is for deleting items from SharePoint not folders. We have another service for deleting folders from SharePoint.

Hope this post is useful.

Feel free to comment in case of any queries or concerns.