Monday, November 20, 2017

iOS Checking device is in 24 hour format or not

We need to check the device time format and display time stuff accordingly in the app.

12-hour format

Added to Shopping cart at 01:00 PM

24-hour format 

Added to Shopping cart at 13:00

Objective C

  + (BOOL)isDeviceIn24HoursFormat {

     NSString *dateFormat = [NSDateFormatter 
           dateFormatFromTemplate:@"j" options:0 locale:     
                              [NSLocale currentLocale]];

     if ([dateFormat rangeOfString:@"a"].location == 
                                                           NSNotFound) {
        return YES;

     return NO;



  func isDeviceIn24HoursFormat() -> Bool {

        let dateFormat: String? = 
                       "j", options: 0, locale: NSLocale.current) 

        if ((dateFormat as NSString?)?.range(of: "a"))?.location 
                                                            == NSNotFound
            return true

        return false

12-hour format    dateFormat  =  "h a"
24-hour format    dateFormat  =  "HH"

Hope this post is useful. Feel free to comment incase of any queries.

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